Meditation Workshops

YWB offers meditation workshops on the second Sunday of each month, unless otherwise noted. Each workshop explores a different meditative technique or tradition.

Meditation practice has been proven to reduce stress, sharpen focus, improve mood and create an overall sense of well being. Meditation is an important part of a holistic yoga practice. Meditation is never easy, as the mind has never been trained to be silent. It takes years of practice, and then some!

These workshops are an hour and a half long; they are included in unlimited monthly passes, count as two classes for class packs, and cost $30 as a drop-in.

Next Workshop: Labyrinth Walking, October 8, 3-4:30 PM

For our October workshop, we will be walking the labyrinth at Chadwick Arboretum at OSU.  We will start at 3 PM; arrive at 2:25pm. Parking is free in front of the Agriculture Building. Walking the labyrinth is a simple but profound experience, replicating our complex and yet simple journey through life. Literally, it is a pleasant walk in a beautiful part of campus on a lazy Sunday afternoon with YWB members. Walking this simple labyrinth, which is neither a maze nor a simple circle, consists of several circuits twisting and gently turning to a central point and then exiting through the entrance. It helps one in contemplating, calming, and feeling content at the end of the walk. We can go out for an early dinner or a cup of tea afterwards. 

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