Meditation Workshops

YWB offers meditation workshops on the second Sunday of each month, unless otherwise noted. Each workshop explores a different meditative technique or tradition.

Meditation practice has been proven to reduce stress, sharpen focus, improve mood and create an overall sense of well being. Meditation is an important part of a holistic yoga practice. Meditation is never easy, as the mind has never been trained to be silent. It takes years of practice, and then some!

These workshops are an hour and a half long; they are included in unlimited monthly passes, count as two classes for class packs, and cost $30 as a drop-in.

Next Workshop: Japa Yoga (Mantra Recitation), August 13, 3-4:30 PM

July's workshop continues our exploration of mantra meditation. “Transcendental Meditation” is an example of this method. Mantra simply means repetition of a set of syllables, meaningful words or just healing sounds. 

Other Workshops