Sipra Pimputkar, Owner 

Yoga has slowly, subtly changed my way of thinking, my attitudes, my life objectives, and my health and spirit.

I grew up in India, in the Himalayan Mountains, in the old summer capital of the British Colonials when they ruled India. Living 8,000 ft. up in the mountains, my education was from the West with Irish Nuns in a convent school. In my home, my parents kept us in touch with our traditional Indian roots, with the celebration of Indian rituals, yogic ethical values and customs, along with our westernized lifestyle. My father practiced yoga each morning, and I absorbed a lot of it from him without even trying. My father was my first and only teacher. He never felt he was an instructor, but gave me his discoveries with yoga in a gentle, low-key way that made me want to experiment with it on my own. My mother meditated daily on a regular basis, and carefully observed the devotions and charity works that are such an important part of yoga.  About eighteen years ago, I took a Vedantic ‘initiation’, and have since practiced meditation on a regular basis. There is a ‘stillness’ that meditation brings to the regular practitioner - it makes me feel as if I am the pilot of a spaceship that is my life, but I can keep it on a steady course as I hurtle through this oftentimes stormy journey.

Michael Lange

After practicing yoga for a number of years at various studios, the gym, at home and on retreats in exotic places like Cleveland, Upstate New York and Costa Rica, Michael felt in 2013 that it was time to bring his practice to the next level by attending a yoga teacher training. It also enabled him to spread the joy and the body-mind-spirit connection that only yoga can provide. Coming from a history of back problems, his focus is on proper alignment and safe execution of the poses. His goal is to unleash the power that resides within you - the power to flow through challenging poses, the power to direct the breath to where the body needs it most and the power to calm the mind and nurture the soul.

When Michael is not on the yoga mat you may find him at the gym, riding his bike, exploring the great outdoors or at the office doing IT work. If you have a lot of time, ask him about his bicycle travels.

Paul Carnevale

Paul has varied and wide experience with yoga. He has mostly trained in New York, NY.  While his background is in Hatha Yoga, his own interest is in using yoga to create peace of mind, and sharing that ability with his students. A ‘Restorative Yoga’ practice such as Mellow Yoga is a perfect blend of deep stretches, mind centering and calming poses designed to relax and stretch you out mid-week.


Sada Nam Singh (Alex Everett)


Sada Nam (aka Alex Everett) became a devoted yogi in 2007 when he started taking yoga courses at the Ohio State University. He has taught yoga and well-being workshops at festivals and conventions around Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Georgia. Now, he teaches Kundalini yoga in the tradition of Yogi Bhajan with the goal of uplifting, energizing, and healing people through the realization of our true potential. Alex is also a lover of devotional music from different cultures, playing guitar, drums, gong, and singing bowls with local kirtan groups. He holds a BFA in Art and Technology from the Ohio State University where he does videography and photography as manager of Educational Technology's Media Services team. Sada Nam strives to share the gifts and benefits that yoga has given him with the world and to clear the clouds of doubt and limitation that prevent us from realizing our true self, which is absolute bliss!

Shilpa Manda

Yoga Pic1.jpg

Shilpa Manda is certified in Vinyasa Yoga. Her passion lies in achieving mind body wellness, and extending the art of Yoga to others in a hope to empower them to create space for growth and transformation. She is thankful that her family is a constant source of strength and support in her life.

Tatiana Mitchell (Priti Das)


Tatiana Mitchell (Priti Das) was born in Russia and grew up on a small  island  in the Far East of  Russia. Her childhood passion to cure sick animals led to a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. Tatiana practiced as a Vet for 9 years before coming to the United States in 1999.

In 2015, Tatiana got an Associates Degree as a Dietetic Technician. Never stopping, she then started researching into childhood experiences and how those experiences mold perception and behavior into adulthood. Inevitably, this led her to Mindfulness and the study of yoga and to appreciate the deep connection between body, mind and spirit. Since 2016, Tatiana has been practicing Kundalini yoga and is now a trained instructor. In Tatiana’s  words, “The major responsibility of the Kundalini Yoga Teacher is to operate as a ‘forklift’ in the service of others.” The self-awareness and self growth that she has acquired through her practice has now led her to starting course work in a Graduate Program in Counseling Psychology at Ohio University in Clinical Mental Health/Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling.

As a 220-hour KRI-certified yoga teacher, Tatiana enjoys sharing the benefits that she herself has discovered through practicing yoga and meditation.

Troy Pyles


Troy is a cancer survivor who found a path to wellness using yoga, Reiki, Ayurvedic lifestyle practices and alternative therapies. As a full-time engineer in a manufacturing environment, Troy understands the everyday challenges of finding balance alongside the stresses of modern life. He enjoys teaching pranayama, yoga and mindfulness “off the mat” and feels that they should be applied in a practical way as part of everyday life.