I am new to Yoga Well Being, and I have to tell you how much I enjoy Wednesday’s Mellow Yoga class with Beatrice. It is the perfect way to wind down and cleanse yourself of all the stresses of the day. I sleep better, and wake up with less pain and more peace to start my day. Beatrice is a wonderful instructor, I have found my cure for the wintertime blues!
— Susan
Ever since attending the vinyasa and well-being classes at Yoga-Well-Being, I’ve been able to tell a huge difference in my flexibility. I’ve become more flexible in the four months I’ve been with Yoga-Well-Being than in the entire year I did yoga at my old place. My form has improved a lot, which enables me to get a lot more out of my practice.
— Colleen
As an endurance runner one always hears that practicing yoga brings immense benefits to injury prevention and can improve form. I decided to give yoga a shot and after 5 weeks of Sipra’s Well Being classes I have noticed a complete difference in my running form and am ironing out many of the aches and inflexibility of my body. I also appreciate the wisdom that Sipra passes on during each class regarding life and I also have a new sense of energy throughout the week. I can not imagine not practicing yoga now and highly recommend Sipra’s classes!
— Joe
I’ve attended Sipra’s class weekly for about 6 months. I should get there more often, but the days I do I feel amazing both body and in mind. Her vast knowledge of yoga and ability to tailor each class to specific needs of the attending students is astonishing!! I report an issue, and I don’t even know some of the poses are working in that area but after class and the next day I notice the issue is much less if not gone. I really admire Sipra’s knowledge and understanding of the body. Her discussion and way of focusing her students “in the now” is very healing to the mind. Her discussion and way of explaining things is very focusing and I always can relate to it. After class, I feel focused and ready to take on the day. I strongly urge anyone and everyone to try out Sipra’s class, you will not be disapointed.

......I am sure the other classes and instructors are equally wonderful. I have confidence that Sipra surrounds herself and her practice with people only of excetptional being and skill.
— Summer
I am a new student of yoga, and so thankful that I have started to learn at this studio. Sipra is a true gem because of her knowledge and experience. The information that she conveys during class allow for a better understanding of the body and mind, so my experiences have been much greater than simply learning poses. Each class is challenging, but never more than I can handle. Afterwards, I am left feeling physically and mentally refreshed. I have also taken a few classes with some of the other instructors and would highly recommend these classes to anyone.
— Lisa
I have been taking Sipra’s class since February of 2014 and I don’t know how I ever lived without it. I am an elementary and middle school art teacher with over 800 students, and yoga really helps me to relax and recenter after a long day or a stressful week. I, like most teachers, tend to bring school home with me every day (whether it’s lesson planning at home in the evening and on the weekends, or even just constantly thinking about my students long after the school day ends). During classes at Yoga-Well-Being, I can allow myself to detach from work for a little while and focus on my body, my breathing, and my general well-being. The wonderful effects of Sipra’s class carry me through the week too. Physically, it has become more comfortable to be on my feet all day, my mid-afternoon headaches have disappeared, and I am definitely sleeping better at night. Mentally, I am learning to breathe through difficult situations at school and elsewhere, and also to care for myself and not let my wellness fall to the wayside. Seriously, I could go on forever about how I lucky I am to have found Yoga-Well-Being. I can’t say enough good things about this incredible community. I highly recommend it for teachers - and everyone!
— Katie
This is such an outstanding studio which provides an authentic, invigorating experience. So far I have only taken classes with Sipra, but have heard great things about the other instructors as well from my fellow classmates. Sipra’s background and experience with yoga is such a helpful guide in building your own practice of yoga and meditation. Her studio really focuses on the practitioner’s whole well-being, not just the physical aspects, and often offers workshops and other great extras you can use to round out your practice. I have been attending classes once or twice a week for the past three months and so far the benefits have been amazing! I look forward to classes every week!
— Josh
Yoga Wellbeing is so much more than your tyical yoga studio! I have been irregularly practicing yoga for almost 10 years, but by finding yoga well being, I finally found the place, people and classes that I needed to inspire me to attend regularly. The classes are small and it is nice to see familiar faces each time you attend. Classes range from traditional hatha to other more flowing classes like Friday morning energy, and I highly recommend both. Sipra’s classes are unique and delightfully student focused, each beginning with time for students to share any ailments or focus they wold like to have for the session. Sipra then tailors the classes to those needs, and I aways leave feeling simultaneously calmer and more invigorated! For me, YWB has become a supportive yoga community that I love being a part of and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a personalized approach to yoga and overall health!
— Elizabeth