Labor Day and the end of summer (September 2017 Newsletter)

Photo credit:  Ian Sane

Photo credit: Ian Sane

Happy Labor Day! Enjoy your day off. It's a day to relax and if you have time to spare, spend a thought on what is changing as summer wanes. Listen to the lazy sounds of cicadas and tree frogs, and be aware of the distinct difference in the feel of the sun on your skin.

In the Ayurvedic medical tradition of India, it is all about focusing on svasthya, (good health, or keeping the body in balance,) rather than remedying an illness. The time of sharp seasonal change, ritusandhi (ritu "season" + sandhi"juncture") as summer slides into fall, leaves us often sick and out of balance. Pitta (the dominance of heat in our bodies and in the environment) is slowly slipping into Vata(dominance of volatility and airiness in ourselves and all around us as the cold winds start to blow). We need to consciously change our diets, our schedules, our attire, and our daily activities as they relate to eating, sleeping and exercise.

Spend a few minutes planning a schedule to move into the fall season and get ready for it. Change your diet from a lot of cold, watery, raw foods to warm and seasonal roots, fruits and juices and stop adding ice to your water. Warm water is detoxing and is a diuretic. Start to set up a routine that allows you to go to bed a little earlier than usual and wake up earlier too. Try to get on a more regular schedule. Add more of the good oils to your diet and to your skin as the drier, colder Vata season approaches.

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