Self Realization (January 2019 Newsletter)


Each new year we feel the need to better ourselves. (You know, those new year resolutions.) It's a deep spiritual urge to correct and reset our goals and lives so that life flows better, and we can control where our senses are leading us. In Indian philosophy this is considered a lifelong process and is often called Self Realization. The more we are able to bring the errant senses in line with the spirit/soul/divine energy the closer we are to being really happy and at peace with ourselves and the world around us.

We at YWB would like to offer you an ongoing year-long pledge that you can undertake in order to modify your life with moderation but with commitment and discipline, never forcing the end result. It will slowly but surely happen! (Look for the Pledge commitment soon in class.)

These are the transformative steps to Self Realization:

• Observe yourself as though this thinking, acting person were someone else. (Who is this?)

• Accept who this person is. (It is who I am.)

• Understand what makes you think and act in a particular way. (Why do I do this?)

• Discipline yourself to change what doesn't please you. (I can change this.)

• Act on it! Do it right (Here's what I am going to do one step at a time. Stop 'trending'!)

• Transcend your lower, grosser inclinations. (Just like one distracts the needy child and directs its attention and interest elsewhere)

• Make it happen, so that you can go to bed each night content that the thinking and acting self are the same. (Can you say as you go to bed, 'Today has been a good day'?)

• These steps lead to transformation, where the individual needs coincide with the spirit or soul's intent. In Sanskrit one says, SA-AHAM- "I am THAT". SA refers to the Divine Energy of Pure Consciousness. AHAM means "I am".

This slow steady process is not deprivation. This is modification through regular consistent, gentle discipline. One step at a time, everyday, all the time.



Chris Johnson