Truth, Goodness (Godness), Beauty (June 2019 Newsletter)

Image: Horsehead Nebula taken by Hubble Space Telescope.

Image: Horsehead Nebula taken by Hubble Space Telescope.

Satyam. Shivam, Sundaram

Truth, Goodness (Godness), Beauty

Life is so simple and joyous! Lying in bed for a delicious moment before we jump out and dash into a rough, tough world, we do picture it as such. We might glimpse a moment of it now and again, but why isn’t it ideal and perfect each day and all the time?

Surely someone will come along and make a comment to me today-whether it is a statement, a direction, a request, a complaint or anything else. In whatever way it might have been meant by the speaker, a lot is frequently lost in the translation depending on where my mind takes me when I hear those words. In Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, (1.4) it says Vrittaya svarupaya itaritara, meaning that most frequently we are caught up in the individual mind’s interpretations, and it takes us flitting here and there away from the truth. We may decide the statement was negative or implied as a put-down, when it was simply a statement. These are explanations made up by the mind in its current state of thinking and being. Only when the mind/mental stream becomes a solid, sure state without any doubts are we in the soul’s Self (Atma) Only in this state of mind can we see what was really meant, because we are both connecting from/to the same Source, or the Divine. (Self in the Indian philosophy is the One and Only Universal Energy that is absolute, true and infinite. Deriving our energy from this Source, we too are infinite and forever beings.)

The truth is always true and absolute. It cannot and does not change with new input or with better understanding. Truth/Soul/Godness is Universal, Eternal and Infinite. Truth is true under all circumstances, in any place, at any time, and for all beings. If it is always true for everyone and there is just ONE TRUTH, not yours or mine; there is no separate me, no subject separate from an object. It is all ONE!

How then can we connect to the truth?

Be like a child without any preconceptions.

Be aware and awake to the moment. When the mind wonders, it attaches to the senses.

Observe the moment without judgment. If you have a thought it’s probably judgmental.

Be discriminating. Ask yourself if what you are thinking is really what the speaker said.

Wait before responding.

Finally, always come back to a meditative state of mind using mantra, focus, prayer, affirmation, or other meditation.



Chris Johnson