Well-Being: Commitment (January 2018 Newsletter)

Wellness is hard work. But it should not be senseless hard work, just imitating the latest trends. Try instead to focus on the focus. Where is the mind at each step of the workout? To create an obedient mind focus on what your body is doing. How is it affecting your body and mind? How do you breathe - before, during and after workouts? Yoga is meditation in movement. Instead of the workout, focus on the work within. For this silence to occur in the mind, for the silence to break the stress patterns in your life commit to a regular, simple yoga practice this year.
If you would like to set not a resolution, but a long-term realizable goal, YWB would like to help. We have several tools to help you on your path. in the coming weeks, we'll be handing out notebooks along with tips on how to use journaling to record and promote your progress. We've extended our auto-pay discount of 25%/month for one more month to make a long-term committed yoga practice more affordable for you (see below). If you would like more one-on-one help, sipra offers private sadhana appointments to help with setting and achieving your goals. Reiki Energy Healing appointments are also available throughout the year.

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