Sutra 1.45

Photo Credit:  Ingrid Taylar, CC BY 2.0 , 

Photo Credit: Ingrid Taylar, CC BY 2.0

सूक्ष्मविषयत्वं चालिङ्गपर्यवसानम्॥४५॥
sooksham-avishayat-vam chaalingga-parya-vasaa-nam॥45॥

Swami Satchitananda: ‘The subtlety of possible objects of concentration ends only at the indefinable.’ 
While we can define any object it still has meaning in the conventional sense. We see it in our mind’s eye in a particular way, as we have been taught to see it, or as we have determined what and how it is. It remains connected with the psyche in a predetermined way. Hence it cannot get us to a state of mind where the subject (unmanifest) and the object (seen and manifest to the senses) can become one. We have to be able to reach beyond the thought of anything manifest…stillness containing everything that is nothingness.

PatanjaliChris Johnson