sadhana/Life Coaching

Setting Directions, and/or Working on Physical and Mental Issues that are not medical problems or have been categorized as ones you ‘just have to live with’. In the traditional Indian system of medicine and in yoga the body/mind is brought back into balance through a variety of physical and emotional shifts using yoga poses or stretches, dietary changes including the addition of healing teas and spices, breathing techniques to regulate the nervous systems, and the like. The first session of 90 minutes is to create a Sadhana practice based on the client's particular needs. It consists of an in-depth interview and a plan of action. Cost is $70/session, or a set of 6 sessions for $395, which may be scheduled as monthly payments, if desired. One of the six sessions could be a Reiki session. 


Reiki healing touch is truly healing–the mind, body, and spirit all benefit from this energy work. The client simply lies on a massage table fully clothed while the body is scanned by the practitioner's hands from head to toe, front and back.  During the session, one may doze, or allow the mind to drift, or stay in the moment. In all likelihood the client will visualize colors, or significant but random images.  Cost is $70

"Sipra teaches from experience.  Living a personal discipline that includes yoga, meditation and a healthy diet sets the framework for Sipra's extraordinary teaching style.  Through years of experience with the body/mind/spirit connection, Sipra is a powerful channel for healing energy in her Reiki practice.  Whether she is teaching a yoga class or delivering healing through Reiki, expect results.  You will most certainly be rewarded.  As a yoga instructor, Sipra is beyond compare; when it comes to Reiki, she is PURE MAGIC!!!" --Sharon Bailey

Preparation: The session takes about an hour and a half.  Clothing should be comfortable and made of natural fibers such as cotton, silk or linen. Before attending a session, the client is requested to bathe, including a shampoo. Avoid leather shoes or leather hand-bag. It is advisable to eat at least a couple of hours before the session; but continue to be well hydrated, drinking plenty of fresh water. 

Post-Treatment: Following the session, a light schedule and plenty of rest for two to three days is recommended to allow the energies to shift and settle. Continue to drink plenty of water and low-caffeine fluids along with good, healthy meals. It is normal to feel tired and drained following a Reiki session.

After the session, details of the experience will be discussed regarding what was revealed about the client’s emotional and physical state.


Healing touch for your elderly pet or one recovering from illness at your residence. Animals love the warmth, the gentle touch and compassion they can experience. Healing, calming and relaxing! $40 per session. Contact us to set up an appointment

Private Yoga Instruction

Classes at YWB are small; nevertheless, if a client would prefer to meet individually, sipra is glad to do a set of classes on a one on one basis. A set of classes include 4 weeks for one hour each session, or 7 sessions of 30 minutes each. These classes will focus on vital aspects of philosophy, anatomy, alignment and poses to create a home practice. If the student has any health, mental or emotional issues, the instruction can be focused on addressing those issues. Cost is $70 for a single session and $250 for a set of four. See 'Appointments' for available times.

Private parties, off-site events, and more

Small Family Parties: Yoga-Well-Being offers its studio for private parties which incorporate a yoga session, a meditation session or a combination of both. Need to reserve at least a month in advance of the event. Cost for a family of 4 to 6 for an hour is $80. $100 returnable deposit paid in advance.

Private Group Parties: Yoga-Well-Being offers its studio for private celebrations which incorporate a yoga session, a meditation session or a combination of both. Cost for a group up to 15 people for an hour is $150. $100 returnable deposit paid in advance.

Studio Space Rental: Studio may be available for private parties without the yoga session or as rehearsal space. $30 per hour. Returnable deposit paid in advance with Space Lease Contract.

Off-site Classes and Services

YWB can provide classes and workshops at your location too. The usual rate for off-site classes and reiki sessions is $150. Contact us for more details and to discuss your needs.


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