Mellow Yellow, Gold and Brown. (October 2017 Newsletter)

Transparent Buddha sculpture by Yuiji Honbori
(More information on his work. Video by YWB member Colleen Morrissey.)

Yoga-Well-Being is a practice that touches each aspect of our lives and tries to bring balance to it all, such that we can ride the waves that buffet us physically and emotionally and always stay riding the crest, and moving us in the direction we need to go.  Here are simple and practical steps to Well-Being. Be a wellspring of life and spirit to those around you. Think of giving, not taking! Serving, but not being served.

It is for each of us to listen intently to the voice within, consider the possibilities and grasp the opportunities that allow us achieve our unique best in this life. This is called Dharma in the yoga philosophy: finding out through our lives, through each true and false step, the real reason for being on this earth, in this existence, at this time.

We are each of us unique, and as you know, not even identical twins are entirely alike. I am different from anyone and everyone that has walked the earth so far, or will in the future. What is my raison d'être? Why am I here? Not for the material things. They are impermanent and transient. Not for the relationships, important though they are. They are transitory and fickle as well.

Life is not all about myself. Living in a co-creating and co-existing Universe, and drawing our breath from the Energy of the Universe, life is about making my own life better while serving others. We feel best when we are not focused on ourselves. It is not really about making myself feel good. Serving others comes first. It's hard work and that's the joy of it. How can each new day, each new moment not create an excitement within you.

What have you done for another being today?



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