Well-Being: You can nail it! (October 2017 Newsletter)

Daily changes in the physical body tell us much about our physical well-being and health. Changes happen over time and indicate changes to the internal 'landscape' through aging, sickness and lack or excess of essential nutrients and the like. At the same time these symptoms and telltale signs are precursors of disease and imbalance.

Have you noticed how the look of finger and toe nails change from time to time, and then revert back to their normal state? According to Ayurveda, the traditional Indian science of good health, they are telling you that your health may be at risk, and you can take early steps to reverse the condition.

Nails with a purple tint may suggest a lack of oxygen. It can be the result of a chronic lack of oxygen in the respiratory system such as in bronchitis, asthma or emphysema.

Nails with vertical ridges (could be almost imperceptible to obvious) indicate poor digestion and the fact that the body is not absorbing all the nutrients it needs. Some possible factors could be GI tract issues, toxins in the system, and poor diet.

Nails with horizontal line(s).  Usually a single break could appear across the nail. According to Ayurveda this reflects a fairly serious health issue that occurred when that part of the nail was growing. Poor metabolism, an infection, and underactive thyroids are some of the possibilities. Several break lines across the nails show an underlying imbalance, which should be treated.

Unusually large and small moons of the nail. Ideally, the moon or lunula, should be largest at the base of the thumb, and successively get smaller at the base of the other nails. Very small or missing moon indicate digestive problems usually related to the body's ability to absorb and convert the food to nutrients to keep the body healthy and growing. Very large moons on the nails show too much 'agni', (literally 'fire') which refer to the digestive acids, juices that cook the food for digestion by the body. Neither shows great digestion.

Pale nails could indicate low red blood cells or an anemic condition, or some autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis. Usually pale nails go with fatigue, weakness and poor blood circulation. A simple start would be to add a variety of green and colorful vegetables to your diet, as well as iron and good quality vitamin supplements.  

NewsletterChris Johnson