Sutra 1.30

व्याधिस्त्यानसंशयप्रमादालस्याविरतिभ्रान्तिदर्शनालब्धभूमिकत्वानवस्थितत्वानि चित्तविक्षेपास्तेऽन्तरायाः॥३०॥
vyaadhi-styaana-samshaya-pramaada-alasya-avirati bhraanti-darshanaa-alabdhuh-bhumikatva-anavasthitatvaani chitta viksheypasstey’ntaraayaa-ha॥३०॥

Ravi Ravindra interprets this sutra as ‘Sickness, apathy, doubt carelessness, laziness, indulgence, confusion, unsteadiness, and feeling stuck are the interruptions which cause dispersion of attention.’ These are the negative states that will impose themselves as your yogic practice strengthens, getting in the way of progress. It is part of the natural and normal process. The important thing is not to be swayed by these distractions but return to your goal with steadfastness.

Chris Johnson