Sutra 1.43


Sutra 1.43 स्मृतिपरिशुद्धौ स्वरूपशून्येवार्थमात्रनिर्भासा निर्वितर्का॥४३॥
smriti-pari-shuddhau svarupa-shoonyeh-vaartha-maatra-nirbhaasaa nirvi-tarkaa ॥43॥

When memory is purified, emptied of its subjectivity (based on one’s personal interpretations and concepts), and the object alone shines through – this is known as ‘nirvitarka samadhi'. It is a state where nothing but the object of meditation exits.

This is not a level of meditation that most of us can get to while still being focused on our daily lives and living. BUT surely, this is a state we can aspire to through a regular meditation practice focusing on simple things such as our breath, a mantra, loving kindness and positiveness towards others and so on.

PatanjaliChris Johnson