Sutra 1.42

तत्र शब्दार्थज्ञानविकल्पैः संकीर्णा सवितर्का समापत्तिः॥४२॥
Tatra shabda-arthaj-jyana-vikalpayiha samskirnaa samapathee-ha ॥42॥

Bringing one's body, mind and Being to one space is knowledge (jnana) based on thought, words and their meaning.

It is not possible to go from our very mundane, ‘householder’ existence into the clarity of vision beyond vision. We have to clear the thinking, analytical and judgmental mind by slow, sustained and deliberate effort. Just to get to this point of savitarka samapatti, where the observer, the observed and the object are all one and the same, is an achievement. It is the climax of a process using mantra meditation, mindfulness and other techniques of meditation.

PatanjaliChris Johnson