Sutra 1.50 & Sutra 1.51

Sutra 1.50 तज्जः संस्कारोऽन्यसंस्कारप्रतिबन्धी ॥५०॥

(tajjas-samskāronya-samskāra pratibandhī ॥50॥) 
Swami Prabhavananda, ‘The impression which is made upon the mind by that samadhi wipes out all other past impressions.’ Samadhi, you remember, is that awesome, awful glimpse into the Spirit, a moment of fullness and emptiness, almost like glancing into the 'eye of the storm' multiplied thousandfold.

Sutra 1.51 तस्यापि निरोधे सर्वनिरोधान्निर्बीजः समाधिः ॥५१॥

(tasyāpi nirodhey sarva-nirodhān-nirbījaḥa samādhiḥi ॥51॥) 

Barbara Miller, 'When the turnings of thought cease completely, even wisdom ceases, and contemplation bears no seeds.' It is being 'born again' following an ego shattering experience - that of 'nirbija samadhi'.

These two sutras conclude Chapter 1, Samadhi Pada, the Path to Enlightened Being. After an experience of Nirbija Samadhi, an awareness of clarity, in its absolute sense, there is no going back to our old ways of thinking, perceiving, behaving. Those 'seeds' are destroyed. It is a new and novel state after which nothing is the same as before.

PatanjaliChris Johnson